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Tom Fox/ The Dallas Morning News

We came across an interesting story about a couple in Dallas who removed all animal products from their Mexican restaurant and went Vegan. The Arias family made the personal decision after the husband, Aurelio Arias, suffered a heart attack 9 years ago.

10 reasons to Consider Veganism

While there are many reasons to become a Vegan these days, here are 10 that I believe should be considered – have more that you think should be added? Comment below! 1.  Health– The United State’s FDA (Food and Drug Administration) now recognizes both vegan/vegetarian diets are the healthiest diets of all due to low cholesterol […]

Vegan Nutrition

So many products on store shelves have labels that are hard to decipher.  It’s almost  impossible to be 100% vegan, but it’s getting easier to avoid products with animal ingredients. I found this list that might help you for the next time you go shopping. I know it  helped me.   Adrenaline. Hormone from adrenal glands of hogs, […]

Alicia Silverstone, perhaps best known for her generation-defining turn in Clueless, continues to work steadily in film, television, and theater. She is not only an actress, but an activist, and committed conservationist – and recently released a great book titled “The Kind Diet”. In “The Kind Diet”, Alicia Silverstone shares the insights that encouraged her […]

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