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Where do vegans get their protein?

Being vegan has always been a lifestyle open to numerous question. For instance, telling anyone you’re a vegan often brings up the inevitable question: “But where do you get your protein!?” Every vegan has heard it at least once, and the implication is shocking. Many people believe that it is either impossible or otherwise very […]

Tom Fox/ The Dallas Morning News

We came across an interesting story about a couple in Dallas who removed all animal products from their Mexican restaurant and went Vegan. The Arias family made the personal decision after the husband, Aurelio Arias, suffered a heart attack 9 years ago.

Just Mayo Vegan

A government-supervised group representing the egg industry overstepped its authority by waging a two-year “Crisis” campaign to halt the growth of a San Francisco vegan mayonnaise startup, joking about putting “a hit” on its CEO and deleting emails in an apparent attempt to cover its tracks, a federal investigation has found. The investigation, sparked by documents obtained through the […]

Vegan Nutrition

So many products on store shelves have labels that are hard to decipher.  It’s almost  impossible to be 100% vegan, but it’s getting easier to avoid products with animal ingredients. I found this list that might help you for the next time you go shopping. I know it  helped me.   Adrenaline. Hormone from adrenal glands of hogs, […]

Vegan Friendly Playdough Recipe

If your kids are anything like mine, they love their toys, but more than that – they love eating everything around them. This recipe below is a perfect match between toys and food: check out these great recipes for a vegan friendly version of edible playdough with and without peanut butter, for those who have […]

Alicia Silverstone, perhaps best known for her generation-defining turn in Clueless, continues to work steadily in film, television, and theater. She is not only an actress, but an activist, and committed conservationist – and recently released a great book titled “The Kind Diet”. In “The Kind Diet”, Alicia Silverstone shares the insights that encouraged her […]

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