So you’ve thought about your morals, gathered up your will power and finally made the decision to go vegan. It’s a bold move and one that will definitely take some getting used to. While moving over to a vegan diet is nowhere near impossible, it’s scarcity amongst society can sometimes make it difficult to get used to. If you are about to go vegan and aren’t quite sure how to handle it or even what to expect, here is everything you need to know.

How to Get Started

Just like most things, getting started is the hardest part. Veganism should be taken step by step if you are aiming for the best and most sustainable results.


Educating yourself on all that is vegan is the number one way to build a strong foundation for which to start your new lifestyle. You will not only want to solidify your reasoning for choosing the diet but also get tips for daily vegan life and how to stay healthy. There are multiple avenues of education that are not only useful but entertaining too.

  • Blogs
    The internet is a wealth of information and vegans have their own little corner of it. The blogging world is full of vegans sharing their gorgeous food photos, lists of recommended restaurants and resources for easy vegan living.
  • Cook Books
    Fill your shelves or your E-book with vegan cook books and start learning how to prepare yourself food that you will love to eat. Many vegans find it difficult to continuously come up with new recipe ideas so having a stock pile of them will help you out in the future.
  • Podcasts
    Don’t have time to read or play around on the internet? Podcasts are now making it even easier to get information these days. Search for some vegan-centered shows and listen to them while you’re exercising, commuting to work or even cleaning the house to soak up even more vegan info.
  • Books
    Cook books can introduce you to the vegan life in the kitchen, but they won’t help teach you deeper vegan concepts. Opt for books like The China Study or Healthy Eating Healthy World to help you understand the nutrition and scientific aspects of eating vegan.
  • Movies
    If you love watching films, you can get in a little entertainment while learning more about the vegan lifestyle. Try Forks Over Knives to learn about the health aspects, Cowspiracy to understand the environmental impacts and Earthlings to deepen your moral understanding of the lifestyle.

Take it in Steps

Take it slow; you’ll want to make sure that your transition is feasible so that it lasts. Try the diet out in this order.

  • Start Adding More Vegan Foods
    Before you alter your diet at all, start incorporating more vegan foods into it. Don’t stop eating meat and dairy just yet but throw in some hearty vegan salads and snacks to get used to the idea of it.
  • Go Pescatarian
    Pescatarians eat fish and seafood but not other meat. A logical first step towards veganism, this will get you used to a diet with limited animals but won’t have you feeling completely deprived.
  • Go Vegetarian
    Giving up all seafood and meat completely, this diet will allow you to still eat eggs and dairy products.
  • Go Vegan
    When you feel ready, take the plunge. You should feel OK with not eating any animal products at this point. Try out some of our top rated Recipes for further help.
  • Try mock foods
    While they may not be the healthiest options, mock meats and dairy products can help you in the beginning with cravings. Try coconut based yogurt and ice cream, fake meats, fake cheeses and pizza!

Get Social

It’s important not to feel alone in your vegan venture so make sure to get social. There are plenty of vegans in the world and all you have to do is find them in order to experience a feeling of community.

  • Online Forums
    Get online and start seeking out some vegan forums. These are places where people ask and answer questions and help each other find resources and deal with problems or weak moments.
  • Social Media
    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, they are all fantastic platforms for interacting with local vegans, meeting friends and getting advice.
  • Meet Up Groups
    Look for local vegan meet up groups around where you live. You can actually get together with real people for vegan meals and activities.