Tom Fox/ The Dallas Morning News

A Mexican restaurant in Dallas removes all animal products from menu – goes Vegan!

We came across an interesting story about a couple in Dallas who removed all animal products from their Mexican restaurant and went Vegan. The Arias family made the personal decision after the husband, Aurelio Arias, suffered a heart attack 9 years ago.

He found an old book his wife had bought from kids who were selling them for a fundraiser. The book’s first chapter talked about the harmful effects of an animal-product-based diet.

“Immediately — from there — I made the decision to not eat animal products,” Aurelio said.

Within a few days he was already feeling better, he said.

Before opening El Palote, Aurelio worked construction jobs, and Lily baked pan dulce in their home and cooked meals that some families ordered. Sometimes they’d sell their pan dulce on the streets in Pleasant Grove. They’ve been married 31 years and have three sons. As Aurelio changed his eating habits, so did the family.

“I became vegan out of love for him,” Lily said in Spanish.

Read the full story here.

Photo Credit: Tom Fox/ The Dallas Morning News

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